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About the Camberee

Get ready to take teamwork to new heights at Off-Camber's annual Camberee, an exhilarating outdoor team building event set amidst the breathtaking autumn landscapes of Minnesota. This action-packed event will test your team's skills, foster collaboration, and create lasting memories as you navigate a variety of thrilling obstacles and engaging team challenges. Plus, gain valuable insights and guidance from a renowned business coach who will address your team before and after the event.

Our Camberee is a half-day outdoor event that will inspire, encourage, and challenge your team with a gauntlet of individual and team obstacles. These challenges will test you and your team's leadership, problem solving, patience, and communication skills.

The event will include outdoor walking/hiking, and multiple moderate physical challenges. Sign up for yourself, your business, your coworkers, friends, or family and teams will be determined the day of the event, and we will do our best to accommodate groups. Guests/spectators are allowed, and children must have supervision.

Solo or Team Participation

Whether you're seeking personal growth or looking to strengthen your team dynamics, the Rum Rooster Camberee welcomes both individual participants and groups. Join us solo to connect with like-minded individuals, or bring your team along for a collective adventure that will foster teamwork and camaraderie. No matter your choice, an unforgettable experience awaits!

Obstacle Course Excitement

Prepare to push your limits as you tackle an exhilarating obstacle course designed to challenge your team physically and mentally.

Strategic Team Challenges

Engage in a series of carefully crafted team challenges that will put your problem-solving abilities and communication skills to the test. From scavenger hunts and small quests to team-building exercises and individual obstacles, these challenges will require your team to think on their feet, collaborate, and demonstrate effective leadership.

Expert Facilitation

Off-Camber facilitators will guide your team throughout the event, offering insights, encouragement, and guidance to ensure a meaningful and impactful experience. They will create an inclusive environment, fostering collaboration and personal growth among team members.

Business Coach's Insights

After a day of adventure and growth, reconvene with your team and benefit from the guidance of the business coach once again. Their expertise will help your team reflect on the day's experiences, extract key learnings, and provide strategies for continued improvement and success.

Memorable Takeaways

Leave the Rum Rooster Camberee with more than just memories. Each participant will receive a comprehensive team-building toolkit filled with strategies and exercises to continue strengthening your team long after the event.

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